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Small Plates Bring Big Profits Small Plates Bring Big Profits
Andrew Wood
Small plates are a real trend right now that continue to boost restaurant sales and the diner experience that your club should be capitalizing. While the concept of offering an extended list of appetizers, sharable plates, and other smaller portions in the form of "small plates," isn't new by any means, the trend has got much bigger in the last couple of years keep reading

50:50 Memberships 50:50 Memberships
Michael Braidwood
The 50: 50 deal takes a bit of working out and cooperation from a neighboring club. Years ago a lot of people were members of multiple clubs, but this has declined for mainly economic reasons. However there will still be enough of your members who can afford and who would like the opportunity to be a member of another club too. keep reading

Food for Thought! Food for Thought!
Bob Devitz
I eat food. I drink beverage. Therefore, I am qualified to oversee a Food and Beverage operation. In assessing the operations of many clubs/resorts each month, I find that one of the most poorly operated, inconsistent areas of club/resort operations is Food and Beverage. Especially in member owned environments, which are often overseen by a club board, people seem to think that because they dine out, they somehow have some level of expertise that allows them to make business keep reading